How to Sell More Books Using Twitter

FREE 10-Part Video Series!

Free 10-Part Video Series with Ian H Sutherland, author of Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors.

Lynne Kelly, "The Family Coach"

“Authors, if you are using social media to promote your books, stop and read this before you send one more tweet. Practical, well-written and easy to implement. I highly recommend the book to authors and product creators. Read it, then tweet a message of thanks @ianhsuth, because Ian is saving you hundreds of hours of work researching how to use twitter ethically and productively. Thank you Ian!”


The 10-Part Video Series is based on interviews with Ian H Sutherland, the author of Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors, covering the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • The S.H.A.R.P principles for effective engagement
  • Convert followers into book buyers
  • The importance of building a mailing list
  • Should I have more than one Twitter account?
  • Making the most of your Twitter Bio
  • Using links in your tweets
  • Best tweets to promote books
  • Twitter automation tools
  • How to be productive in under 15-minutes a day

The 10-part video series is full of valuable tips and summarises many of the ideas contained within Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors. Don't forget, the video series is free! Later, if you decide to implement the techniques revealed, I recommend reading the book as it contains all the practical steps and numerous examples. 

What Other Authors Are Saying

Debbie Young,Author & Self-Publishing Advice Blog Editor at Alliance of Independent Authors

“Ian Sutherland has done a phenomenal amount of research and investigation, trying out everything that he recommends himself, so that he can hand-on-heart tell you what works and what doesn't. Yet he does all of this in a gentlemanly, courteous tone, rather than laying down the law, always respectful of the reader's own perspective and never railroading you into doing anything you might not fancy.”

James Minter,Author

“As an author myself, my view of the role of Twitter was it’s a great tool to schmoose the publishing industry but of little use for selling books. Ian Sutherland has changed my mind. ‘Advanced Twitter Strategies …’ was written by Ian from hard won experience, and the proof is in the number of Twitter followers he has, and in his book sales rank available for anyone to see on Amazon.”

Charlotte Easter Earl,Mystery Author

“This book is brilliant. The author lays out clearly why Twitter is a vital tool for authors; he explains in a straight forward manner how to make the most of Twitter; and all of his instructions are clear, step-by-step guidelines that social media dim wits, of which I lead the pack, can understand and implement. Already, I have put 80% of what the author suggests into practice, and already I am reaping tremendous results. I now enjoy Twitter more than Facebook. As everyone knows, enjoying a task is critical to getting it done. If you are an author, or even just someone who needs to use Twitter to market a product or a business, this book should be always at your fingertips.”

Betsy Talbot,Romance Author

“Ian Sutherland shows authors how to maximize the time spent on Twitter to make it enjoyable and not a chore. I've been using his system for a few weeks now, and I'm keeping track of my metrics to do a full evaluation of the process in a few months. Early results are promising, as are the "softer" metrics of personal connection, insights into my readers' desires, and even potential guests for my romance podcast. If you are an author who knows there is power in using Twitter but can't quite figure how to harness it without sacrificing your precious writing time, this book is for you.”