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Last week, I attended London Book Fair for the second time. The first was two years ago before I’d finished writing my debut novel. LBF-Olympia-450x250The scale of the event was immense and truly opened up my eyes to how huge the whole publishing industry actually is in the UK. Undaunted and up for a challenge, I’ve since published two fiction books. I returned last Tuesday, on the day of the launch of my first non-fiction book, Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors.

As before, the scale was incredible. However, the area with the biggest amount of buzz was Author HQ, hidden away on the first floor. It was overflowing with people interested in writing and publishing. Many of the sessions were interviews and panel discussions, with people spanning the whole publishing industry: agents, editors, publishers, cover designers, critics and, most importantly, authors – both trade and indie published. A whole range of views and opinions were shared, with lots of useful titbits for people new to indie publishing.

While there, I was briefly interviewed by Nick Rippington, a journalist and soon-to-publish indie author. The story he wrote as a result has just been published in the Sunday Express, a UK national newspaper. In it, he charts the rise of ebooks and indie publishing and their effect on the London Book Fair and the publishing industry in general. I was quoted in the piece, alongside fellow indie author, Clare Flynn, who writes historical novels. CCqWdO5W0AATbJe (1)The quote from me that was used referred to the challenge that indie authors face in marketing their books, explaining how I’d successfully used social media to market my novels, resulting in me sharing my experiences in my new non-fiction book, Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors. Also quoted in the story is Justine Solomons, who runs a publishing industry networking organisation called Byte the Book, which I’m a member of.

You can read the full article at the Sunday Express. It’s called All’s fair in sex, love, war – and books: How ebooks have changed publishing.

About the Author Ian H Sutherland

Ian Sutherland is the crime fiction author of the Deep Web Thriller Series, novels that expose the online world to dramatic and suspenseful effect. Exploiting knowledge gained from his career in the IT industry, Ian’s thrillers caution us all on how dangerous the internet can be for the unwary. Ian also takes advantage of his experience in technology in the way he uses social media to help drive awareness of his books. Ian shares many of his techniques in Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors, his first non-fiction book.

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